Battered Soul - A Graphic Novel

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Taken from Gordon Brewer's novel, Clovel Sword Saga, this 52-page full color dark fantasy graphic novel is set in a land of political turmoil and great adventure. Kamin is an exotic world of unusual creatures and mystic spirits. It is a violent land where people battle monsters when they do not fight among themselves. Our story centers around a young warrior named Urith of Esterblud who commands a growing reputation of fierce, and reckless, courage.

Recently scarred in battle, Urith finds his world collapses within a few days amid personal disaster and heartbreak. Bitterness fills the young man when his attempts to send the souls of his family into the next realm are stopped by the gods. Adding to his torment, a horrifying vision comes to him from the god of the underworld, leaving Urith at his lowest point. After receiving guidance, Urith joins with a small group of bards. When the group comes upon a band of outlaws made up of his kingdom's hated enemy, the warrior savagely kills the bandits in a blind rage. Still covered in gore from the battle, Urith tries the understand the thoughtful words of a friendly bard. He cannot fill the emptiness of his heart with the blood of enemies. It is a lesson that he must learn as he travels the lonely road ahead.

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