We appear on track for our next release. A twisted tale of a brutal murder leading to insane and vicious retribution during the “Long Journey Home”. In the “Circuit Rider”, the origin of the Fiend Gang comes to light as Mose encounters another ghoul. #creepsi #comics #indiecomics #horrorcomic #comicbooks

The gif below is a few panels from the upcoming stories.

For those interested in more traditional stories to go along with your comic urges, I have Book 1 of the supernatural occult series at a great price of 99 cents on Kindle.

Progress continues on the first issue of Creepsi, due out May 1. Here’s a cover for A Look in the Mirror which is the second story of the issue. Pedro Cupert did a great job for this inside cover. Please share the news about this new horror anthology series to your interested friends.

A Look Mirror Web Ver

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Pedro Cupert, the artist of the second story in Creepsi Twisted Tales Issue #1 sent over a new sketch which I had to reveal on the social sites. While this is only a thought piece for review, it gives a taste of the story from my script. You can see more of Pedro’s work at Instagram.

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For more information about the writer of Creepsi Stories, Gordon Brewer, you can find his novels here.